In September 2013, MK Board of Directors made available grant funding for Mi’kmaq language, culture, or heritage related research projects.

The research fund and online journal that resulted, L’nutaqn: Mi’kmaq Stories of the Past, aims to increase the number and quality of First Nations language, culture and history projects; support Mi’kmaq heritage activities; and support the development of short-term educational strategies and interventions for the preservation of the Mi’kmaq language, culture and heritage.

Three applicants were selected from a pool of submissions to carry out significant projects within their organization or community.

The 2013-14 funded projects are:

1. Mi’kmaq Environmental Learning Centre (MELC): Digital Booklet on the Historical Significance of Malagawatch to the Mi’kmaq

2. Wagmatcookewey School: Oral History Preservation

3. Potlotek Education Office, Mi’kmaq Language Department: Mi’kmawe’l Knu’kwatiknn aqq Ta’n Kesi Nutmkl (Mi’kmaw Alphabet and Core Sounds)